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Oz politician loses the plot

by on07 March 2013

Claims Google Glass will end privacy

Ozzie right-wing politician Cory Bernardi has been laying on his tin-foil hat claiming that Google’s new Glass project might be the end of privacy as we know it.

Bernardi said that using the gear Google could use the device to conduct enable mass surveillance. Bernardi is a "Liberal Senator" for South Australia which ironically means that he is right-wing and he is on the extreme end of any wing tip. He has previously suggested that if you legalise gay marriage you will be opening the door to polygamy and bestiality.

Anyway, writing in his bog Bernardi said that Google Glass could become an instrument of surveillance, with Google taking on the role of Big Brother. Google Glass comes with the ability to record video and audio of everything that happens throughout your day, he moaned.

No longer is there a need to grab an iPhone (sic) and click to capture the moment. Google Glass can do it all day, every day, automatically. That might be fine if you are the user but what if you are an unwitting victim of such recording? Bernardi said that Google Glass is a reason we should question whether some of the great advancements in technology are designed to serve us or serve the interests of others.

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