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Transformers in the pipeline for Blu-ray

by on28 May 2008


Bay to finally get his way

If you had followed the saga with Transformers director, Michael Bay, speaking out against HD DVD in his blog, then the news that Paramount/DreamWorks is working on a release of Transformers for Blu-ray likely comes as no surprise now that the format war is over.

While Michael Bay was very critical of HD DVD, the two-disc Transformers HD DVD did break new ground and set the standard, in our opinion, of some of the best of what HD DVD could look and sound like.

While no one seems to be able to keep work on the Blu-ray version of Transformers a secret, our sources suggest that the new optimized single BD-50 version of Transformers will feature the majority of the content from the previous HD DVD release.

The big news, however, is that sources are saying that it will get a new encode for the Blu-ray version plus some special extras not included on the HD DVD version. As for the rumors of the addition of DTS audio, we can’t yet confirm that this is in the cards for the Blu-ray release, as it was not included in the HD DVD version.

An official announcement from Paramount/DreamWorks is expected within the next couple of weeks on their release plans for this title, as it is one of the most valued HD DVD exclusive titles that Blu-ray owners want.

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