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Dual chip Malta to beat Radeon HD 7990

by on27 February 2013

Planned for Q2 2013

Radeon HD 7990 cards haven’t hit that many manufacturers and the only card we had a chance to play with was the Power Color Devil 13 HD 7990. Many are aware that nowadays AMD claims that Asus Ares II is the fastest card in the world. CTX3D and Club 3D have their own HD 7990 cards listed in Europe.

However, other manufactures plan to ride the second wave of these products, currently codenamed Malta. Malta is AMD’s next dual chip card but at this time we don’t know what GPUs are used in this dual chip beast. With clock of over 1000MHz this new card might have a chance to win the hearts of the many enthusiasts with deep pockets.

The card is planned for Q2 2013 and it won’t be launch at Cebit that starts March 5th 2013, but we should expect it in the latter part of Q2 2013. Our buddies from Legit Reviews have proven that the water cooled Asus Ares II 7990 leaves Nvidia’s Geforce GTX 690 4GB in the dust and you can check out the full review here.

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