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OcUK confirms AMD Never Settle Reloaded worked

by on27 February 2013

7970 and 7950 sales in February matched December

A few days back we wrote that AMD’s Never Settle Reloaded helped boost HD 7970 sales. You can read the original report here

We got contacted by Overclockers UK, a company that commands a massive AMD market share in the UK and they backed up what our sources were telling us. The promotion worked like a charm.

Andrew Gibson, a well know name in the graphics card forum world and the Purchasing Manager for OcUK approached us and said that the Never Settle Reloaded bundle gave OcUk sales an uplift. In fact, the promotion was so successful that 7970 and 7950 series sold so well that February sales matched December. December is the peak month for graphics card sales and matching a peak month in the middle of a seasonally slow season sounds like a remarkable result.

Gibson added that 7870 and 7850 sales did improve slightly, but didn’t match December sales. He continued to point out that it helped boost sales of these cards, but the 7900 series bundle was definitely stronger. This part is also in line with what we have been hearing from our sources.

The benefits for OcUK are clear. With the help of this promotion they claim they have grown to slightly over 50 percent of AMD graphics card market share in Britain, which is a great result. Nvidia’s graphics card business side will have to wake up and shift some Tegra love to Geforce, as AMD got really aggressive in the last few weeks and its strategy is clearly working.

Graphics are still a very important piece of business for both companies, and let’s not forget that Nvidia makes most of its money from professional and desktop and notebook graphics card market, not Tegra.

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