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Acer changes its mind on Windows RT

by on27 February 2013

Will launch RT tablet later this year 

Acer was reluctant to embrace Redmond’s new Windows RT operating system. The Taiwanese PC maker decided to play it safe, to wait and see how Windows RT tablets will do before it commits to making one itself.

Now that Windows RT is slowly turning into another Microsoft flop, Acer has decided to launch its first Windows RT tablet. There is still no word on a specific launch timeframe, let alone specs, but Acer believes the OS has a lot of potential.

Oliver Ahrens, President of Acer EMEA operations, told IT World that Acer’s wait-and-see strategy was sound. He argued that the company wanted to see how the market would develop before releasing a product. He said that one competitor sold just 20 Windows RT tablets a day, but he did not name the company in question.

Meanwhile Acer has introduced new Windows 8 laptops and it is looking at Windows 8 tablets as well. However, Windows 8 tablets are still not ready for prime time. Analysts point to a lack of touch optimized applications and lack of adequate hardware. Since x86 chips capable of handling Windows 8 are a lot more power hungry than ARM chips used in consumer oriented tablets, this probably won’t change anytime soon.

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