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UK will get Wii Mini

by on27 February 2013

No clue on what it will cost

As we suspected, after Nintendo first released the Wii Mini and claimed it didn’t know what the future was for the unit after its initial launch in Canada only, we now have confirmed that retailers in the UK have been told to prepare for its arrival on March 22nd. The only catch is that no one seems to know yet what Nintendo will be charging for it.

The stripped down console that offers no online functionality and no GameCube compatibility is for offline play only, and looks to fill a niche space for those wanting a second console, or perhaps just wanting to dip their toe into the Wii waters to play some of the Wii classics.

While Nintendo has not said anything yet about releasing the Wii Mini in other regions, but we believe that if it continues to be successful the company would want to continue to cash in and make as much as it can off the hardware.

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