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Nokia CEO reveals cunning plan

by on26 February 2013

How to get the next billion users

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop told the assembled throngs at the Barcelona Mobile show getting the next billion mobile phone users connected would be a tricky task for the industry.

Elop identified the three key challenges in connecting the next billion phone users. He said that there was providing affordable content and data, delivering an app economy for feature phones, and enabling effective content discovery. He then proceeded to outline how the assets Nokia has in this space fit together to address them. He said that young consumers in bustling cities were ambitious and had lives that were like firefighting on a daily basis. Elop said that people don’t care about regulation or capital expenditures, they just want a great experience.

The age were quantity of apps being important was less important as quality to these new consumers. They want the same experiences as everyone else and they want it without using a lot of data. He said that in some areas price is important, which is why the Nokia 105 is a €15 Euro phone which is used by 100 million people around the world, including, now, in Kenya.

Angel Dobardziev, customer insights analyst, Ovum said that Ovum liked Elop’s emphasis on channeling Nokia’s high-end device and service expertise to deliver an affordable yet compelling Internet experience for lower income users. This was achieved through the use of attractively-designed, low-cost feature phones, its cloud-based browser Nokia Express, and its Nokia Life set of educational, agricultural, and entertainment services, Dobardziev said.

“Due to its considerable distribution network in emerging markets, Nokia is well placed to continue its strong performance in this space for as long as smartphones remain above the $50 mark,” he added.

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