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PS4 will not be blocking used titles

by on22 February 2013

Recent patents for use beyond PS4

As confirmed by Sony Worldwide Studies boss Shuhei Yoshida to Eurogamer, and as our sources had been telling us, there will not be an attempt to block used or second-hand games by the PlayStation 4. Recent patents had made some suspect that Sony would incorporate such a tactic in the PlayStation 4; but the technology is either for something beyond the PlayStation 4 or another Sony product all together, depending what you believe.

The decision by Sony seems to put the pressure on Microsoft to follow suit and not block used titles, either. While there were a lot more questions than answers on many PS4 related subjects, this news seems to put to bed one of the most polarizing possibilities of the new Next-Generation consoles.

An analyst that we spoke with said, “I am not surprised by Sony’s decision not to mess with used games. As you have been seeing online, even the possibility of this happening has created huge waves among gamers who have been buying used games for years. A transition of some type would be necessary to be effective at not destroying your core audience.”

With the latest reports saying Microsoft will make their announcement in April, we still have time to wait to see what Microsoft’s position will be. Microsoft has surprised us before, so we will have to wait and see what happens this time around.

Read the Eurogamer’s comments from Shuhei Yoshida here.


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