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Android 4.2 still Google exclusive

by on22 February 2013

None of the manufacturers have it

Back in December HTC told us that Android 4.2 for One X and One X+ phones is on the way and that it comes in 2013. We didn’t expect to wait too long, but so far not a single HTC phone has Android 4.2.

To make matter worse the flagship HTC One, introduced two days ago, ships with Android 4.1.2. Asus was traditionally quick to introduce the new Android shortly after Google, but this time around none of the Asus Transformer family got the 4.2 update.

Just to refresh your memory Android 4.2 was launched on November 13th and so far only Nexus phones and tablets have the latest version. Google market segmentation is horrible and at this point there is no operating system that is that much spread over so many devices. It is just sad that Android 2.3, launched in December 2010, is still the most dominant version on market.

There will be many press conferences over the weekend, as the Mobile World Congress draws near and one can expect a lot of announcements in phone and tablet arena. We can only hope that some of the devices that we own will get Android 4.2 at some point.

We can still remember an executive of a major phone company complaining about Google’s strategy. When Google announced Android 4.2, most companies didn’t even have Android 4.1 Jelly Bean launched. And yes, Gingerbread was and still is the dominant version.

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