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Intel buys second hand HTML 5 app tools

by on22 February 2013

Once belonged to appMobi

Chipzilla has bought a set of HTML5 development tools, originally created by appMobi. The tools are used by some 150,000 developers, and Intel has also hired staff from appMobi to maintain them.

AppMobi, meanwhile, is going to forge ahead as a standalone company and will be a provider of cloud services for mobile applications. Intel has bought a set of app creation and testing tools that cover mobile web, Windows 8 and Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. The HTML5 development tools include appMobi’s XDK IDE, PhoneGap XDK, GameDev XDK, jqMobi and jqUI mobile development frameworks, directCanvas HTML5 acceleration, appStarter and appSnap app creation tools, OpenBuild and chromeBuild hybrid app packagers, debugMobi and testAnywhere on-device debugging tools, Mobius enhanced web browser, Windows 8/ Windows Phone 8 app templates, appLab test containers for iOS and Android, and Facebook and Twitter authentication and connection libraries.

AppMobi gets to use the tools on its cloud services including all the cross-platform software for mobile app monetisation on iOS, Android, Windows 8 and HTML5, covering both desktop and mobile. Intel has long been courting mobile app developers and wanting to grow its influence in and this gives the outfit a way of getting closer to them.

Developers were re-assured that the move would be great for them because it validates their choice of appMobi for HTML5 development. Other than a one-time registration for Intel, there’s nothing else they need to do or change.

“As an HTML5 developer, we hope you realize the importance of such a major industry player getting behind HTML5. It’s a huge step toward the continuing deployment, improvement, and ultimate success of HTML5,” appMobile said.

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