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Google develops Chromebook touchscreens

by on21 February 2013

Touch a touch me, I wanna get dirty

Search engine Google is about to help create a new generation of laptops with grubby screens.

Word on the street is that has developed the first touchscreen laptops powered by its Chrome operating system and they will be in the shops later this year. The new Chrome devices also would compete with Android, which made a Google as a force to be reckoned with in the mobile-device software, both are based on Linux.

Google has said that it is comfortable having two competing systems. After all they will boost Google services such as its Web-search engine and YouTube. The search engine has not said when its Chrome touchscreen laptops will go on sale and which hardware manufacturer is working with Google to build them.

Samsung and a few other vendors have built Chromebooks that currently are on sale, but these don’t have touch screens.

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