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Cooler Master gets an 80 PLUS Silver certificate

by on23 May 2008


Updated: First with 900W PSU

Cooler Master's Balkan office has let us know that Cooler Master's UCP (Ultimate Circuit Protection) 900W PSU has been given the 80 PLUS Silver certification. According to the Cooler Master press release, this is the first power supply above 300W that has been given the 80 PLUS Silver efficiency certificate.

Until now, Dell and NXP have managed to get the Silver certificate with their 255W and 270W PSUs. According to the Electric Power Research Institute, PSUs with efficiency starting from 80% will get the standard certificate, those with efficiency starting from 82% and at least 85% will get the Bronze award.

For the Silver award, the PSU has to have an efficiency starting at 85% and up to a minimum of 90%, and the ultimate goal is the Gold award with efficiency starting from 87% and up to 90%. The mentioned 80 PLUS silver UCP 900W has efficiency of 88.14% under 50% load and average efficiency of 86.52%. It is cooled by a bottom-mounted 120mm fan.

Unfortunately, we were only able to find this small picture of this PSU since the new Cooler Master UCP series will be shown at this year's Computex; so expect more info when the show starts.

You can check out the Electric Power Research Institute report here.


Update: We managed to find a bigger, but somewhat different picture of Cooler Master's UCP 900W. We will just wait for the Computex show to be 100% sure...


Last modified on 25 May 2008
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