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Sandy based Sapphire Edge HD4 delivers surprising performance

by on19 February 2013


The Edge HD4 ships in a small and refreshing blue box. The blue is an obvious hint that the system is based on an Intel CPU. The outer and inner packaging is made from 100% recycled paper, so you can rest assured that no Amazonian three-toed sloths were left homeless because you chose to buy a new PC.

box 1

box 2

box 3

The box contains a power cord with adapter, one HDMI cable (1.5m), an HDMI to DVI adapter, desktop base, driver-CD, quick installation guide and information regarding product registration (Sapphire Select Club).

box 4

Like we said, the Edge HD4 does not ship with Windows and FreeDOS is what you get preinstalled. That is not what end-users need and most will choose an appropriate version of Windows or Linux to power the HD4. The quick installation guide describes how to change boot device priority in order to boot from a pen drive or USB DVD drive in order to install a different operating system. Needless to say, we opted for Windows.

box 5

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