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Tablet sales to overtake PCs any day now

by on19 February 2013

55 to 60 million units per quarter

It is no secret that sales of tablets and just about anything mobile are booming. Small wonder then that some analysts believe tablets are about to overtake PCs in terms of overall unit sales.

Analyst Sameer Singh believes the tablet market is very similar to the smartphone market, so he used smartphone sales figures to estimate tablet trends. The results are hardly surprising. Singh’s number crunching reveals tablet sales are already reaching PC levels and they could soon surge past them.

“The substitution rate patterns between the two markets are remarkably similar, showing a correlation of nearly 93% over the first 11 quarters,” Singh writes. “It is also interesting to note that tablet/PC substitution seems to be happening at a faster pace.”

Singh says the crossover point is coming early in 2013, but it is also possible that we already passed it, hence there is a chance that tablets overtook PCs in late 2012.

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