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Activision confirms no Destiny for 2013

by on19 February 2013

No plans for a Bungee release this year

Activision has gone out of its way to end all of the talk about a potential release of Bungee’s Destiny in 2013. Simply put, the publisher has confirmed that Destiny isn’t in its 2013 outlook and all of the speculation that it is planned for release this year is not correct.

With no release planned for Destiny this year, when can it be expected? Our sources tell us that seems to be unknown. It is obvious that now everyone will expect a 2014 release, but it seems Activision is content to let Bungee work its magic, and there is no race to get to the finish line at this point. Let’s see how Activision feels about a release of Destiny in 2014 around E3, which is when we expect to hear much more about the title.

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