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Google in trouble over privacy concerns

by on23 May 2008


Eric Schmidt summoned to Congress

Google boss Eric Schmidt is to be hauled before the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee to explain the search engine's privacy practices since it acquired rival DoubleClick.

A top Republican from Texas, Joe Barton, said that it was critical that Google's and DoubleClick's policies and procedures for handling this information be transparent, and that every effort is made to protect consumers' data. In a letter to Schmidt Barton asked if and how data collected by Google and DoubleClick about computer users would be merged and how the data would be used, and if Google planned to continue allowing users to opt out of getting cookies.

Privacy groups are concerned that the consolidation in online advertising would lead to a concentration of personal information in the hands of a few powerful companies.

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Last modified on 23 May 2008
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