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Nexus 4 shipments estimated at one million units

by on08 February 2013

Google still doesn’t know how to launch phones

Back in December a group of Android enthusiasts worked out that just 400,000 Nexus 4 devices were in the wild. They used the IMEI number to estimate the production volume and this is practically the only Nexus 4 shipment figure we ever got to see.

Now an XDA forum member claims that the 999,998th Nexus 4 sold in Turkey. Google and LG have been getting a lot of flak over their inability to meet demand for the new Nexus phone and the fact that only a few hundred thousand devices were shipped since launch.

The fact that it took almost three months to ship a million devices is worrying to say the least. Earlier this year Google made it clear that one of its top priorities for Q1 2013 is to sort out Nexus supply issues. It doesn’t appear to be going all that well.

Still, there are some encouraging signs. XDA members estimated October and November production at just 70,000 and 90,000 units respectively. In December it spiked to 210,000 and it surpassed 550,000 in January. However, it’s just not enough.

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