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GTA 5 delay for quality reasons only

by on05 February 2013

Analysts project 17+ million sales potential

Rockstar has denied that the decision to delay the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 is anything other than a decision to delay the release in the name of enhancing the quality of the title. Many seem to think that there is some other motive at work here; but Rockstar is trying to make sure people know that quality alone is the reason the title has been pushed back from its originally projected spring 2013 release.

When it does arrive, analysts that we have spoken with seem to think that the title will sell over 17+ million copies of the game. With those kinds of sales number projections, it is understandable that Rockstar wants to get it right. We are hearing whispers, however, that the extra time is necessary to get the next generation console version of the game ready for shipment; but as of yet there is no confirmation that this is the case, only rumors and speculation.

We don’t really know what might be shipping around the new GTA 5 release date. It will be a date that other publishers will likely be looking to so as to avoid releasing anything near GTA 5, for fear that it will impact sales. We should have a better picture of what might be coming around GTA 5 after E3 in June.

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