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Scientology copies Apple’s advertising

by on04 February 2013

Cult admires cult

The Church of Scientology has created an advert which is so similar to something that the cargo cult Apple might have created that it has some fanboys confused.

The advert was shown during the superbowl, which appears to be Rugby designed by the UK Health and Safety executive and requires players to don 40 pounds of armour so they can safely play it. Scientology, whose members include the not-at-all-homosexual John Travolta and the completely-not-barking Tom Cruise and the completely dead Chief from South Park, ran an advert which looked like it had emerged from Apple HQ.  

The advert showing hot young students like associated with lines like ‘To the curious, the inquisitive, the seekers of knowledge’are exactly the sort of thing you expect to see peddling the latest Apple toys. Of course getting you into a locked in world where you have to sell your soul to a dead prophet’s vision is exactly the sort of thing you expect from an Apple advert.

As one fanboy told Fudzilla: “I was amazingly disappointed. At the end of the advert, I expected to see the latest gadget from Apple and not some money making cult which would force me to spend all my money on useless junk which would require me to buy something new in a year’s time.”

The Scientology organisation paid close to $8 million to air the spot during the big game, which is the largest one-day televised event in terms of ad spending. The reaction on Twitter and other social media sites was one of mockery, with several jabs from people in the video game industry. ' editor Scott Lowe wrote on the site that if The Church of Scientology has enough cash to advertise during the Super Bowl, maybe it shouldn't be tax exempt. But the real news is perhaps that most people could not tell an Apple advert and the Scientology advert apart.  The difference appears to be in the fact that Scientology believes that aliens possess your bodies and its founder was connected to Alistair Crowley who considered himself the Great Beast of Revelation.  Steve Jobs believed in eating fish.

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