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Nokia gets $1.35 billion to develop Graphene

by on01 February 2013

EU money could be a life saver

Troubled Windows handset maker Nokia has just been given $1.35 billion by the EU to research and develop graphene for practical applications.

Henry Tirri, EVP, CTO of Nokia said that his outfit is jolly happy to get the dosh.   Graphene was one of the R&D projects Nokia developed in 2006 before it ran out of money. He said that the company had identified lots of areas where this material can be applied in modern computing environments. Tirri thinks that the greatest innovations have yet to be discovered.

“Graphene happens to be an area where we, in Europe, have all the important players in the value chain who are ready to use it in applications. From that perspective, this is a very efficient and promising way of doing research investments for Europe," Tirri said.

Tapani Ryhänen, Nokia's head of the Sensor and Material Technologies Laboratory said the company had all the ingredients in place to be globally successful. New two-dimensional materials will have an impact on industrial value chains in many ways, creating opportunities for new products, services and economic growth, he added.

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