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Facebook and Google not talking

by on01 February 2013

They are full of Schmidt claims Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerburg has admitted that there is a huge rift between his social notworking company and Google. During Facebook's earnings call this week Zuckerburg said that his relationship with Google isn't one where the companies really talk.

Normally not returning calls is not a problem, but lately the spat has been getting in the way of Facebook’s working with Android. Facebook has been playing nice with Apple’s iOS 6, because, Zuckerburg claims, that Jobs’ Mob has an open platform. He said that Apple had been a great partner and Facebook was  really excited about doing more there and people enjoy the integration that we have with them.

Facebook and Google have clashed more in public recently. In an interview with Wired in January, Google CEO Larry Page slammed Facebook for doing a "really bad job" with its products. Facebook is also partnering more closely with Google's rival Microsoft Bing. During Google's earnings call in January, Page downplayed the threat Facebook’s Graph Search poses to its search business by noting that "we have been at that for quite a while and made investments in all sorts of areas."

Zuckerberg said that Google was coming from a completely different place. He said that Facebook’s product is people in structured connections to other people and content and things that they like, whereas traditional web search is the exact opposite.

“I think Google and others may be trying to put in some of the structured foundations, but we just have years of having built that up," he added.

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