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Prince of Persia franchise on hold

by on31 January 2013

Still important to Ubisoft for the future

Ubisoft has confirmed that the immediate future of the Prince of Persia franchise is on hold. The company remains committed to the franchise it the future, but it will not be returning in the near term. Prince of Persia remains important to the publisher and they do plan to talk more about it in the future when they have something to show.

The interest in Prince of Persia bubbled back to the top as a rough cut video for a Ubisoft project called Osiris appeared online. The video, while not being called or said to have anything to do with Prince of Persia does seem to match previously leaked information about a new direction for the Prince of Persia franchise. Ubisoft has had no direct comment on the video nor on how it might relate to the franchise.

Our sources whisper to us that the hold for Prince of Persia might not be as long as one might think. Our sources seem to think that Ubisoft is planning a new update to the franchise that will see the franchise turn up again on the new consoles after they have been out for a bit. While no one seems to think we will expect an announcement at some point this year, next year could be very possible.

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