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PC Club to return under new ownership

by on22 May 2008


Now we know more about what is going on

PC Club may or may not be that well known to computer consumers in the U.S., depending on whether you happen to live in an area that has one. PC Club’s saga over the past couple of weeks has been a very strange situation, indeed. First, the company was filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection and employees were laid off.

Things changed later in the week when a buyer emerged and the word went out to former store managers and employees that the company had been purchased and would resume regular retail operations on Thursday, May 15th. All 38 stores were reopened and while the company’s reputation might have taken a hit, the stores were running again and most employees returned to their jobs.

PC Club was lucky enough to have been acquired by NAOC Holdings, which is an L.A-based capital company. While details of the deal remain undisclosed, PC Club almost looks right now as if it never experienced any trouble to begin with. This perhaps is the best situation, considering what happened.

Employees of various PC Club stores claim that they have known for quite some time that something was going on. Several companies began to start sending UPS/FEDEX trucks to stores to pick up unsold merchandise that they had in the stores on consignment for sale.

Many employees were surprised by all of the happenings and how everything has transpired so far. Some even claim that no one really knew what was going on, and things at the home office were kept very quiet until the last minute.

Employees were very concerned about customers who had computers in for service, as if customers did not pick them up prior to the company entering Chapter 7, their computer could be caught up in a lengthy liquidation process, which could tie up customer machines for months while things were sorted out.

NAOC Holdings sees good value in a brick and mortar computer store and as a valuable commodity in the U.S. NAOC Holdings claims that PC Club is a strong addition to the company’s portfolio and they look forward to the future.

We really don’t know what to make of the entire PC Club saga. It will be a continued tough road for PC Club, but it is possible for them to co-exist with larger competitors such as Best Buy, Circuit City, Frys, and Micro Center.

They are going to have to reorganize and expand their product offerings. We also expect them to become more professional service oriented, as a lot of revenue can be driven by this area of the business. While it will be difficult for PC Club, they still could turn things around and become successful, but it is going to take some serious hard work to make it happen.

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