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Virtual Pole Dancing coming for Wii?

by on22 May 2008


The Home Pole for Fitness

The creators of the Carmen-Electra “Electra-Pole” home pole dancing kit, Peekaboo Entertainment, are reportedly in talks with Nintendo to add pole dancing as a new activity under the Wii’s fitness category.

"Men and women of all shapes and sizes will be encouraged to work on improving their skills, with the firm focus on fun and fitness as per the core brand values of Nintendo Wii," said Peekaboo. Most likely this fitness activity will not include most ‘straight’ males (at least sober ones), who will prefer to ogle this event from the sidelines.

The game does not include the presence of Miss Carmen Electra herself, who will remain relegated to the Electra-Pole box covers.

Last modified on 22 May 2008
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