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Kim Dotcom involved in helicopter scare

by on28 January 2013

Emergency landing in the middle of nowhere

Someone is always out to get Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom and if it’s not Big Content, it’s a lazy helicopter maintenance guy.

Dotcom was involved in a near disaster over the weekend, as his helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing in New Zealand. Unfazed by the incident, Dotcom rushed to the internets to tell the world about his latest scare.

"No kidding. Emergency landing in the middle of nowhere," Dotcom tweeted.  "Will be late for dinner baby. Fuel dropped to zero with a rotor speed warning."

Dotcom later said that the pilot found a disconnected wire on the fuel gauge. Eventually the pilot worked it out and they managed to complete the flight.

Some might say it’s just another publicity stunt on Dotcom’s part, but he doesn’t really need more publicity. His new Mega cloud service is doing more than well and it is already attracting millions of users.

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