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Mobile Haswell Celerons coming in Q4 13

by on25 January 2013

After it’s done with Ivy Celeron 1020M

Intel plans to move from Sandy Bridge 32nm based B840 mobile Celerons to Ivy Bridge 22nm 1020M parts. The Celeron B840 works at 1.9GHz, has two cores and two threads, no turbo, 2MB cache memory and Intel HD graphics capable of working between 650 and 1000MHz. it is a 35W part.

The successor that has launched just days ago is called Celeron 1020M and is a 35W, 2.1GHz clocked dual-core with two threads. It’s is an Ivy Bridge 22nm Celeron, which allows slightly higher clock compared to B840. The Celeron 1020M has the same 35W TDP and it is set to last until the end of Q3 2013. The new Celeron 1020M also brings DDR3 1600 support, versus DDR3 1333 support with B840 parts.

In Q4 2013 Intel plans a replacement based on the new Haswell core, but we don’t know any specifications at the moment. Intel is still not ready to talk about it with its partners.

Quad-core Haswell parts are expected in Q2 1013, around Computex (late May to early June 2013), while the rest of the mobile Haswell line, including dual-core lower power parts are expected in Q3 2013.

Even the Celeron B8x0 line was performing quite well for email, web, movie watching and Facebook surfing users. This part is just enough for basic computing and most users, but with a 35W TDP it takes a big toll on battery life, which means bigger batteries and more bulk.

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