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Assange miffed at his movie depiction

by on25 January 2013

No shit Sherlock

One would think that the attention junkie Julian Assange would be rather excited that someone is making a movie about him. However Assange, who is holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy to avoid having to face the music on some crimes against women, is apparently incandescent with rage. He claims he is so important that the film is being used by the US to start a war against Iran.

The movie, called Fifth Estate, has Sherlock actor and part time Middle Earth dragon Benedict Cumberbatch starring as Assange and is due to be released in November.  This is damn fine casting, and Assange should be pleased. However Assange has gotten his paws of a copy of the script of the DreamWorks movie and claims that it is a mass propaganda attack against WikiLeaks and Iran. All this is because the opening scene was set in a military complex in Tehran and showed Iran was working on an atomic weapon. A subsequent scene in Cairo showed an Iranian nuclear scientist talking with a United States CIA agent. The scientist says Iran is testing the explosive in the next six months. Assange said that this had nothing to do with Wikileaks, or him, especially him.

"It's a lie upon a lie – a great big-budget thing that's going to be pushed out in November," he said naming the date the film was going to be released. Assange then fired off about the "big media machine" which was too close to the table of power they were meant to be reporting on.

Of course Assange’s rant failed to mention that he might be cross that the film was really not about his view of things. It also failed to show him walking on water, and feeding thousands with only three packets of crisps and a bottle of diet coke. Nor does it confirm his theory that those two women who claimed he had surprise sex with where not CIA spooks.

What might have raised Assange’s eyebrow is that the flick has a key role for Daniel Bruhl as Daniel Domscheit-Berg, an early WikiLeaks associate who fell out with Assange. Assange might be a little worried that the film has been directed by Bill Condon, who directed The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. This is a movie atrocity which should have seen Condon packed off to the Hague to answer some sticky questions.

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