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Fuse apparently delayed again

by on23 January 2013

Insomniac must want to get it right

A number of sources are telling us that the first multiplatform release from Insomniac, also now known as Fuse, is apparently delayed again despite no official word yet from either the developer or the publisher, Electronic Arts. The title originally started life as a shooter called Overstrike before going back to the drawing board and re-emerging as the game now known as Fuse.

According to the latest information being whispered, the March release that was announced has now slipped till at least April and it might even end up being longer, from what we are hear. While we have seen several online retailers listing the release date as TBD, it isn’t known if that is in direct response to these latest whispers or if EA is not yet confirming a release date to them.

It is understandable that Insomniac wants to get this title right, as it is the company’s first multiplatform release, as previously the developer had developed exclusively for the PlayStation platforms.

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