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AU throws a curved screen

by on20 May 2008


Mighty thin

display maker AU Optronics is showing off a curved, thin film transistor LCD that enables a screen to be so thin that it would be banned from showing off its body on a French catwalk.

The Curved Display has a curved radius of 100 millimeters and uses a special thinning technology and a curved backlight. According to a press release the screen will be used on car dashboard displays and watches. The display will be exhibited at the Society for Information Display (SID), Display Week 2008.

There are no dates for when the screen will hit the shops. Besides the Curved Display, AUO is planning to show off several other advances at the show, including an LCD screen for mobile phones that is 0.63 millimeters thick. That makes the display the thinnest available and will allow cell phone makers to design sleeker handsets, AUO's press release said.
Last modified on 20 May 2008
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