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Sony will come back from the dead

by on17 January 2013

Unless someone shoots it in the head

Sony’s CEO claims that the company, which has not been doing very well for the last couple of years, is about to make a comeback which will be just as interesting as David Bowie’s.

Kazuo Hirai told reporters that Sony is now more nimble and focused under his leadership and can see off the Ninja’s of despair. True Sony has lost money for the past four years, and has fallen behind rivals like Microsoft, Apple and Samsung in profitability and innovation.  But that was then and this is now. Hirai thinks Sony was bogged down in its sprawling bureaucracy, and he is making sure that good ideas don't get squelched any more. He is shepherding several of those projects personally to make sure that it doesn't get held up in the bureaucracy, or it doesn't suddenly fade away in the approval process.

Hirai said Sony will target customers willing to pay more and won't get sucked into a price war with cheap and cheerful Chinese players. This means that he probably has not learnt that the overpriced Playstation 3 was probably the end of Sony’s influence in the games market. Hirai said he wanted "wow" people with new products so he showed hacks a new waterproof, full-HD mobilephone, set to go on sale around the world in the next few months.  This is likely to wow those who tend to drop their phones down the loo and er… that is it.

He is also planning a 4K or "ultra-HD" TV, whose displays have four times the pixels although he admits that it may take a decade for 4K technology to catch on.

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