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Intel burns mobile Sandy bridges

by on17 January 2013

Seven mobile cores cut

Intel has been “doing a Lalo Schifrin” and burning its Sandy Bridge mobile CPU range.

Chipzilla has informed its partners that it has been sharpening its axe and will be chopping seven mobile Core processors, in addition to five Celeron chips. The axe will fall on the Core i5-2537M and i5-2557M and all of its available i5 ULV CPUs. The i7-2637M, i7-2677M, i7-2760QM, i7-2860QM and it-2960XM are dead chips walking.

This will cut down the available mobile Sandy Bridge processors to just four models, the i7-2640M, i7-2620M, i5-2540M, and i5-2520M. However Tom’s Hardware thinks that these chips and are just waiting the final call from the Governor before they get their last meal too.

An Intel product change notification said that the affected processors will remain available for order until July 11, 2013. The last shipment is dated for January 14, 2014. Also included in the product cuts are Sandy Bridge-based mobile Celerons: The models 787, 797, 867, 867 and B710 can be ordered until July 11, 2013 and will ship January 2014.

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