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Apple shafts users as share price tanks

by on15 January 2013

That is what you get for loyalty

Apple is planning to release some new toys in the hope of stemming the fall of its shares. Apple’s share price is now a dollar more than $500, which is sod all when you consider that the Tame Apple Press were claiming it would be $1000 by the end of 2012.

Most of Apple’s woes are caused by the fact that it had planned to make a killing in China, but suddenly found that the Chinese were not buying into its marketing and had noticed its rivals had superior products. Apple’s answer to this problem is to spice up its share price by getting the Tame Apple Press all moist about a new product. This is based on the fact that the share price always goes up while the press goes on a feeding frenzy about what the new product will be.

However in this case the news might be another one of Apple’s legendary own goals. It is planning to bring out a new iPad, only a few months after it released the iPad mini to a loud collective yawn. Topeka Capital analyst Brian White said he expects the Cupertino-based company to have an iPad 5 and a new iPad mini two months from now. The speculation is that the new range will be lighter and thinner than the last version and will probably cure cancer. It will probably have a better chip and the next iPad mini could get Apple's high-resolution Retina display technology.

We are not speculating. Indeed we don’t care. Whatever Apple comes up is unlikely to be a “game changer” and will probably catch up with what Samsung and others have already be doing. Typically, Apple launches new versions of its devices roughly every year, but the most recent iPad models launched in November — they will be just four months old. But what is important is that the new iPads will suddenly make all the old range completely useless. Buyers who invested in them last year will find them out of date a few months later. 

While your average iPad user is not likely to have the self-awareness to realise that they have been diddled, a few of Apple’s newer customers might be jolly cross about the move. It will also not help the more price conscious markets thinking that spending money, or selling a kidney for Apple gear is worth the investment given that it has the shelf-life of a Mayfly.

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