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Corsair Neutron GTX 240GB previewed

by on14 January 2013


New Corsair’s Neutron GTX series SSDs use the new LAMD's LM87800 controller and as our benches prove, the drives have a lot to offer.

This is the first LAMD LM87800-based drive we had a chance to test and we are happy to report that we could not identify any issues. The Neutron GTX 240GB ends up with fast access times and very good performance in all scenarios, with compressible or incompressible data, in random or sequential mode.

Of course, reliability is a very important aspect of any storage device, but we had the drive for a couple of days so we will update this preview later on, as soon as we get our new test rig up and running, and complete a series of more extensive tests.

So far so good, we are impressed. The asking price in Europe is €213, which is about €25 more than an OCZ Vertex 4 drive. The performance offered by the Neutron GTX probably justifies the premium and we hope to put the two drives head to head soon, so stay tuned.




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Last modified on 14 January 2013
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