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McAfee has been taking Assange’s pills

by on07 January 2013

Terrorist plot claims

Insecurity expert John McAfee’s stranger than life tales are starting to get a little on the weird side.

Stopping just short of  the Belize government harvesting humans for alien experiments, McAfee describes using 75 netbooks and 29 "operatives" to track government officials, Cabinet assistants, and local power brokers. He claims that he has uncovered embarrassing personal details but an international terrorist conspiracy run out of Belize.

According to McAfee he gifted cheap laptops loaded with keylogging software and hired "'pillow talk' masters" to seduce and wiretap targets. All this for revenge on the Belizean government for what he has claimed is a long-running campaign of intimidation. He said that he had proof that the Prime Minister (had personally ordered the murder of an alleged Belizean gang leader.  He also said that Belize was "clearly the central player in a larger network whose goal is to infiltrate the US with individuals having links to terrorist organizations."

McAfee claimed that he ended up living with eight of his honeypots and was nearly killed by one, who was a double agent. He is famous for playing practical jokes on journalists so it might be another one of those sorts of things. However if he does come up with proof it will be just another spin on the wacky and weird life of McAfee.

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