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Nvidia introduces Geforce Experience

by on07 January 2013

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CES 2013: Optimization for games

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang just introduced a new Geforce Experience an addition to the driver that will help you optimize your game settings for your graphics card. After seven years of toying with the idea that we need a better way to optimize the in-game settings, Nvidia is rolling out what will be known as Geforce Experience. 

Nvidia tested thousands of computer configurations and over the course of 7 years and a lot of engineering hours, and the whole idea of Geforce Experience is that once you plug a new graphics card, Nvidia can optimize the settings to use the best your card can offer. 

He showed the before and after settings in Call of Duty and you could see that with Geforce Experience on GTX 680, the game looked better. The Geforce Experience used higher resolution textures and overall game looked better. 

Hopefully it is coming out soon to driver near you. 

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