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Haswell targeting up to 15 percent faster CPUs

by on04 January 2013

In Ultrabooks and rest of Shark Bay 2013

It is not entirely clear which chip Intel has in mind, but it looks like Haswell should be significantly faster compared to previous Ivy Bridge generation of Ultrabook processors.

The key part of the Shark Bay 2013 notebook platform is Haswell and Intel talks about a 15 percent CPU performance bump, along with a twofold increase in graphics performance with the GT3 graphics module.

It doesn’t stop there, as Intel claims up to 12X real-time transcode on GT3 for QC3 and ~9-10x on GT3 1 Chip3 and GT2 (QC and 1 Chip). QC denotes quad-core processors for the high-end, 1 Chip denotes SKUs that need 17 or less watts and fit the Ultrabook thermal envelope.

These numbers are currently based on preliminary pre-silicon projections and Intel wants that software and workload scenarios tested are best case scenarios, optimized to Intel processors.

Up to 2X faster graphics with GT3 graphics is based on the projected performance based on 3DMark Vantage Performance Profile Scores, but the figures still sound bombastic.

There is no doubt that Haswell is an improvement and going south of 17W TDP for Ultrabooks will enable even thinner more innovative for factors for Shark Bay 2013 notebooks.

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