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Big Content stuffs up Intel’s telly plans

by on03 January 2013


You can’t do what you like

It looks like Intel’s cunning plan to get into the telly business has been scuppered by Big Content. The movie studios and television companies are still uneasy about all this internet lark because they are worried that pirates will use it to copy their wonderful content. As a result Intel is struggling to get licensing agreements with media companies, delaying the launch of its Web TV efforts. 

Reports suggest that Intel's efforts to get into the Internet TV business reportedly could be delayed well into the new year. Intel wanted to launch its TV efforts at CES in Las Vegas. But it is starting to look like it will not be seen until mid-2013—or maybe even late 2013. It looks like Intel officials will talk about processors for mobile devices and PCs at the show, but will not bring up the vendor's TV project.

Intel's plans include creating a virtual cable operator that would bundle TV content and an Intel-powered Web-hosted set-top box that would stream the content service. Users would pay for the ability to view content on a wide variety of connected devices, from televisions and PCs to smartphones and tablets. A user interface would let customers browse content and select what they want to watch.

It is looking like the negotiations are dragging. Intel has been trying to talk to Big Content since early 2012. So far only one media company has agreed.

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