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Ultrabook 2.0 2013 to get voice control

by on28 December 2012

Shark Bay Haswell platform

We have come across an interesting change in Intel’s approach to computing that could change the way we interact with computers. Intel plans to include voice control as the part of Shark Bay Ultrabook recommended features.

Touch screen is definitely a part the Ultrabook spec in 2013, as well as all day battery life (8+ hours). Intel also underlines that it wants to get fresh data for the whole weeks in connected standby and the baseline spec includes fast wake from S3 or S4 standby.

Furthermore Intel expects that some of the top ultrabooks in priced over $800 to see responsive voice commands. This is going to be a combination of software and hardware and we are not sure if Intel plans to supply both.

Shark Bay Ultrabook 2.0 recommended features also include innovative form factors including convertible models with full HD displays, standalone SSD, always connected WWAN, facial recognition, vPro for corporate and Microsoft Windows 8 connected stand by.

Ultrabook definitely looks to be getting more features at the same money, but so far there is no indication that 2013 will bring any cheaper Ultrabooks compared to 2012.

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