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IT outfits rush into Egypt

by on25 December 2012

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While the rest of the world watches Egypt nervously expecting another revolution, the world’s biggest IT outfits are trying to get their foot in the door.

According to the International Business Times Samsung, IBM, Intel, Oracle are investing in the country and are not expecting to get annihilated (Ancient Egyptian Joke). Samsung sees Egypt as a way to overtake Africa’s current mobile market leader, Finland-based Nokia. Not only is it planning to build a plant in the country, it sees it as a place where its investment can grow.

Samsung, and other multinationals as well, prefer to see Egypt's current crisis as momentary and part of the mess which happens when a country is in transition.  It is a country which has a young, intelligent and energetic consumer base and worker pool. Biggish Blue, Intel and Oracle have been lured to the region by an advanced technology industrial park near Cairo begun under President Hosni Mubarak, the so-called “Smart City.” Oracle has placed a global customer support centre in Cairo and Chipzilla has started its Intel Egypt” programme.

Intel also acquired SySDSoft, a designer of software for mobile chips, in 2011, incorporating the Cairo-based company's 100 electrical engineers and computer scientists into the Intel Mobile Communications division.

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