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Coppers arrest 2chan bloke over drugs post

by on21 December 2012

Single post not deleted

2channel, Japan’s largest internet forum is under the screws of Tokyo’s cops for not deleting a single post from 2010.

Coppers have swooped on the forum after Fuji TV aired a sensational news report about drug dealers making posts on the site. The story was bogus was aired in revenge after 2channel users helped organise street protests condemning Fuji TV’s anti-Japanese bias. It was based around one post written in 2010 which used code words to refer to MDMA, marijuana, and cocaine.

Fuji telly insisted that 2ch was a “hotbed of crime.” because moderators did not delete the single post from 2010. To put this in perspective more than 1,800,000 posts are made on 2channel every day. Tokyo coppers have announced today that they will be filing charges against Hiroyuki Nishimura, the founder and former owner of 2channel even if he has nothing to do with the site any more.

Nishimura will be charged with abetting drug dealing. However, some twitter users have pointed out that the statute of limitations for the drug law in question is three years, and Nishimura sold 2channel more than three years ago.

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