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Ousted Microsoft boss goes Ivy League

by on20 December 2012

Shaping impressionable minds

Ousted Microsoft Windows chief Steven Sinofsky has gone back to school.

After a he was given the boot from Microsoft, many expected him to go out and scare the beejesus out of his old employer with a devilish start-up. However yesterday he tweeted that he was going to be heading to Harvard Business School this spring to help educate the minds of our future leaders. Some of his old chums might be muttering something about “those who can do” particularly as he left Redmond for the crime.

This isn’t his first stint in education he has been a “visiting scholar” and penned a book on organisational management with Marco Iansiti, a professor at the business school. The former Microsoft executive says that he will be teaching product development to students and write more.

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