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Nintendo working to fix long load times

by on20 December 2012

No idea when a patch might be coming

Nintendo is set to address the issue of crazy long load times when switching between applications on the Wii U. The company admits that they know it’s a problem and they are working on a fix for the issue, but there is at least no idea right now when such a patch might be coming in the pipeline for download.

The long load time debate on the Wii U has taken on a life of its own. There are videos with stop watches charting the load times, and pretty much each and every review commenting on the loading periods which can seem to go on forever.

Between the long load times and the massive day one download, we can’t say that the arrival of the Wii U has been smooth sailing for Nintendo. The company has been forced to take a lot of negative press over these issues. The company has responded by releasing a steady stream of updates to deliver on promised features, the latest of which TVii will arrive for download at some point today.

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