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Apple loses to MobileMedia

by on14 December 2012

Troll bites troll

Patent troll MobileMedia has managed to sink its claws into another well known patent troll, Apple.

In this case the patent was not for “a business method which involves not having to compete with a rival by being a patent troll.” Instead a jury decided that the iPhone infringes on three calling-related patents held by MobileMedia. MobileMedia is owned by Nokia, Sony, and MPEG-L and the patents in question pertain to the phone's camera, call handling, and call rejection.

Jurors took four hours after a week-long federal trial in the US. MobileMedia had initially challenged Apple on 14 patents, but the figure was reduced to three. Earlier this year, MobileMedia tried to sue Apple of a screen-rotation patent, but a court ruled that was just rubbish.

MobileMedia holds 300 patents in all and is currently embroiled in trials against RIM and HTC.

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