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Woman tasered for buying too much Apple gear

by on13 December 2012

Apple press claims religious persecution

The Tame Apple press has responded with horror after a woman who tried to buy too many iPhones was tasered by cops who feared for her sanity.

Reports describe it as a “modern day horror story” although we are not so sure. The 44-year old Chinese lady was tasered because she refused to leave the Apple store the day after she already purchased a couple of iPhones. Apple decides how many of the holy phones each user is allowed to own. But this woman had failed the first Apple commandment which his “do as you are told by Apple.”

Her view was that since this was America and she had money she should be able to do what she liked. [Force the US Supreme Court into the Citizens United ruling and buy the presidency? Ed]

When she was asked by the staff to leave, she didn’t because she did not speak American English. Apparently the Geniuses behind the counter and quoted her chapter and verse of the store policy and expected that was enough to banish her. After all everyone who hears the law of Apple must obey.

The Apple store staff called the cops and when she did not listen to the men in uniform to leave while resisting arrest as claimed, she was tasered. But her daughter pointed out that the woman was not sure what was going on. The Police tried to take her phone and her bag and when she asked “why” they threw her to the ground.

We would have thought she was asking the right question at the wrong time. She should have asked “why am I buying this hunk of junk?”, then “why is this company trying to stop me buying its piece of rubbish?” and “is all this really worthwhile?”

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