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Gilbert to talk with Disney about Monkey Island rights

by on13 December 2012

Would like to make the game that he wants to make

Ron Gilbert says he is planning to contact Disney at some point to discuss the rights to Monkey Island. Gilbert, who was the creator of the original Monkey Island, says that he would love to acquire the rights and make the game that he wants make.

Disney ended up with the IP after acquiring Lucasfilm earlier this year. The deal included LucasArts, who owns the rights to Money Island. It is unknown if Disney or the interactive software division has any plans yet for using the Money Island IP, or if they plan to allow Gilbert to licensing the rights to create a game based on the Monkey Island IP.

If Gilbert were successful, it is possible that Tim Schafer and studio Double Fine might be involved in such a project. Of course, this is only speculation at this point.

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