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Radical Entertainment is still around

by on13 December 2012

Developer is still open after downsizing

While many have feared the worst regarding developer Radical Entertainment after the last round of downsizing, the developer is still open and apparently is working on what is being called a “cool project,” according to publisher Activation.

After the lukewarm response to Prototype 2, even though the reviews of the title were not that bad Activision claimed that the title could not find a broad commercial audience and the studio would be downsized. At that time, 90 were let go and about 15 were kept on, but it was unknown exactly what they were working on.

We don’t know how many are currently working on this new project at Radical and besides the word that something is being worked on, our sources have no clue what that might actually be. We will have to stay tuned and see what develops.

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