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Halo 4 close to 4 million in sales

by on07 December 2012

343 already hard at work on Halo 5

It comes as no surprise to find out that 343 Industries is already hard at work on the next game in the Halo franchise (we are calling it Halo 5 for the time being) even before Halo 4 had shipped. Microsoft is, of course, pleased to report that Halo 4 is close to or has already broken the 4 million copies sold mark.

The fact that 343 was already working on Halo 5 even before Halo 4 was all the way finished is just the way it is with big name franchises these days. The staff of premier studios, like 343, have to already be gearing up for the next installment even before sales of the last project start to drop off. Much of this is due to the amount of time and work it takes now to develop a triple A title.

While no one is talking about what the next Halo might be about, we do know that Halo 4 marked the start of a new trilogy of Halo titles. In addition to talking about Halo 5 already, there is still a lot of content coming for Halo 4 to keep us engaged till the next chapter arrives. The biggest question actually might be when it arrives will it only be on the Xbox Next? That is a question that we don’t have answer to just yet, but our sources seem to think that it is very likely.

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