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And the lucky AMD Giveaway winner is…

by on06 December 2012

Also, happy Itsenäisyyspäivä

The second winner of our AMD Giveaway is Chance Barnett. I’m all out of puns at this point, so please try to think of one involving “chance.” [Nick says the rest of you don't have a chance in hell. Ed]

Today is also Finnish Independence Day, or Itsenäisyyspäivä, and if you think that sounds funny, imagine what Itsenäisyyspäivä would look like in Cyrillic or sound like in Russian, or what it wouldn’t sound like since Finland would still be a part of Russia.

So we extend our congratulations to Finns everywhere. We also hope Nokia puts up a good fight against Apple, much like the outgunned Finnish Army in 1939, when it taught another tyrannical one-party regime a costly lesson in sniping and arctic warfare.

The next two winners will be drawn Tuesday, December 11, so sign up if you already haven’t. Good luck.

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