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Fan hits Schmid for top job

by on06 December 2012

But Google boss turns down cabinet post

The Obama administration is a big fan of Google after all its campaign support and has offered chairman Eric Schmidt the job of sorting out the economy.

Apparently Google chairman Eric Schmidt has publicly said no after word of the appointment leaked out. Schmidt wasoffered the job of Treasury or Commerce Secretary or a new "Secretary of Business" slot. An anonymous strategist for the Democrats told the newspaper: "Nobody's better positioned for a Cabinet job, if he wants one."

Schmidt told the Wall Street Journal that Google was his home and he had no interest in working for the federal government. Schmidt played in a key role in the re-election of President Barack Obama last month, helping to oversee Google's $700,000 donation to his campaign.

Obama and Schmidt are close and have appeared together at the company's Montain View, California headquarters in 2007.

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