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iPad shipments to hit up to 26 million units in Q4

by on06 December 2012

iPad mini accounts for 6 to 7 million

Apple looks destined to ship 26 million iPads during the last quarter of 2012, on the back of strong holiday sales and the introduction of the iPad mini.

Analyst Sameer Singh crunched some numbers based on historical trends and came to the conclusion that iiPad shipments could have been 22.7 million had Apple not introduced the iPad mini.

Overall iPad sales should end up in the 24 to 26 million range and the iPad mini will account for 6 to 7 million of that figure. In case you think Singh’s iPad mini figures don’t add up, bear in mind that there’s some overlap and cannibalization to consider.

9.7-inch iPads, including the old iPad 2, will account for 18 to 19 million units.

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